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Well I got to meet Flula and Hannah Hart. Bear I didn’t get to meet Grace and Mamrie but I’m always happy to see Hannah again! It was a great show :)



AAHHHH can somebody please possibly film the LA #nofiltershow !!! Please!!!! and Thank You!!!

I saw someone film the whole thing so I’m guessing it should be up within the next couple days :)



What’s the deal with the LA No filter tickets? Do I need to get new ones or the new venue?

You should of received an email with the new tickets if you bought them before they changed the venue. I received an email a couple days ago. Hopefully that helps?


is it silly that I’m super happy that I will be posting both a TUESDAY (just in the knick of time!) AND a new MDK this thursday?

not silly but I’m super excited as well! :)

if anyone could help me out

ive been trying to buy a ticket to the nofiltershow in LA but for some reason its not working for me. is there like a special code or something in order for it to work? any help would be great.


Kinda frustrated bc I tried buying tickets to the show and it won’t accept my card. Wtf? What am I going to do?! :(

Photos from Hannah’s q&a. She was so sweet and was trying to take pics with as many people as she could before they escorted her out :) she’s just great!


So I was watching the Trinity episode of @Midnight and I noticed that over the course of this skit Hannah, without saying a word, went from 1150 points to 1500 points. I’m not saying Mamrie was robbed a win, but…

I was at the taping, they edited a lot out. The games that they show on tv are actually much longer at the taping. Hannah had a lot of good answers actually lol. hope that helps


Who was in charge of points this episode? Seriously though they had the final scores up before the game was over. Is this shit rigged or what? I demand answers!

I went to the taping and they edited some things out and when you see mamrie out and grace  say her answer, she was saying it for the second time in this clip. Throughout the whole episode the points were everywhere because there are games they played that they edited out or the games that they showed were actually much longer than they play on the show. hope that helps

Just got back from the taping of @Midnight


Featuring gracehelbig mamrie and Hannah hart.

I have never laughed so hard in my life. It was so great.
You guys really made my night thank you!

agreed! just wished we could of met them after the show :)